Long way.

by Poet on the Piano   May 28, 2015

New beginnings taste
like rock-ribbed
promises, and humid
sunsets that remind me
I can't feel what I don't.
I can only appreciate
what is certain,
what I confidently write

Don't rush me, calls love,
don't force me, humbly
wait for me
instead. Patience is
sewn into your soul.

I never imagined I
would be a stop sign, limiting
someone's perspective down
a country road. My bones
aren't meant to be brittle.
So I spoke with good intention
as clearly as I could, taking
slow breaths between and
counting each second with
precious gratitude,
letting you know I didn't


But this, isn't right.
I jumped too soon.
I don't want to lead you
on through the pastures
anymore, when I don't
want the pressure anymore.

But we'll walk, together
down another road.
A trust, a friendship.

And who can say if it
will become more, bubble
like a babbling river
in the future?

Right now, that's too far.
I can't see it.

Let's live how we used to,
just with more appreciation
for what we learned.
For being honest on muddy
highways where we tried
to muffle discomfort.

Things will all be well.
On our own. With time.


I'm still coming a long way
but God, you'll be waiting
for me through it all...

Written 5/27/15

Haven't written in a bit so may be a rough but honest piece.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by DarkLight

    Pleasing piece. I love it.

  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    "I can't feel what I don't"

    - this line really stood out to me at the start, and is the line I went back to as soon as I finished reading. I think this is so true, we can only feel what we feel, and I think life is about learning how to help yourself feel certain things, and surrounding yourself with as much things as possible that you know can make you feel this way.

    The verse of patience is also quite relevant and I agree completely with what you say about waiting, and how love will come at the right time. Beautifully worded.

    The rest of the poem is great and very honest, which I admire. I realte to this a lot, it shows a lot of insecure thoughts about the future, about trust and love, and trusting love. It speaks of change in a relationship and not wanting the good things to end, so you would rather just appreciate what is, as it is in the present moment. Then just see where it lands.

    Loved this write!!

  • 3 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Nicely written.