What you do to me

by Beauty In The Breaking   Jul 11, 2015

As I watch you leave after bringing me home
I can't help but smile
thinking about you my love
and the magic way you make my heart glad,
the incredible effect you have on me.

You walked into my life so unexpectedly
just when I'd decided to give up hope,
nothing like what I expected
and so much greater than I deserve,
you take my breath away.

The gentle, caring way you touch me
and the tender way you kiss me,
the way I can look into your eyes
and see how much you care
shakes me to my core.

You're the first and only one
to ever touch my heart and stir my soul
when you gently brush my skin,
you sooth the turmoil inside me
with the brush of a fingertip.

When doubts and fears threaten me
and I look into your eyes
my world realigns so magically
and everything goes so quiet in me
but the way you make my heart race.

I fought so hard to resist you,
falling for you was never my plan,
but you took my hand so gently
and lead me out into the sunshine
and baby, I had no defense.

I love the way you hold me
and the way you let me run,
the gentle way you guide me
and your loving, calm acceptance,
the way you know me so well.

The way you just let me hold you
and trust me enough to relax,
the way you drop your defenses
and lay bared in my arms in peace
always completely undoes me.

I love the way you lose control
and how you love me so gently,
the way you treat me as if I'm precious
and the protective streak you have,
the way you make me feel so beautiful.

You sooth and calm the storms
and give me a peace I've never known
but you still scare me so much,
you take apart my walls and defenses
and leave me truly naked.

When I look deeply into your eyes
the honesty and sincerity in them
sometimes terrifies me so much
and is more than I can bear
but it only pulls me more into you.

I love the way your scent lingers
and the taste of your lips remain
as I lay down to try to sleep,
the way you invade my every thought
and distract me to no end.

The way I know the moment you walk in the door
and how with a single glance
you turn my world upside down,
the flutter of butterflies
and the random giggles and smiles.

I love the feel of swollen lips
and the way you always apologize
for always wanting to be touching
when I always want to too,
you're like a heady drug baby.

Your secret private smiles
in the middle of a crowded room
and the way you whisper "I love you"
and I can feel the truth of it vibrate through me,
I feel the sincerity of it in your touch.

I love the way you pull me closer
and watch me no matter where I am,
your smile lights up everything in me
and brightens everything around me,
always makes me wonder how no one else sees.

I even love that sadness
that I sometimes see deep in your eyes
that makes me want to erase it,
the way I just want to keep you safe
and ease the burdens that you carry.

It makes me ache how tenderness
seems so surprising to you,
you should never know anything else,
I've found you now though baby,
you'll know nothing else now :)

I love the way you shake me to my core
but give me solid footing too,
you're such a beautiful treasure handsome
that I'm thankful for each day,
your heart the greatest of gifts.

You inspire me to be hopeful
with your beautiful optimism
and bring sunshine warmth to my heart,
you touch so many lives
and I'm thankful you share yours with me.

I guess what I'm trying to say here
in my rambling way that I have
is that I love you handsome,
so very much more than planned,
and you're amazing beyond belief :)


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