The contract of souls

by Dancing Rivers   Aug 12, 2015

A cruel misdeed, vile and putrid,
has been in Zimbabwe committed.
It irks me to think of the king of beasts,
being slain like a powerless sheep!

How dare that foul fool,
destroy the magnificent Cecil!
I wish we could put in place,
the death penalty, bring him to disgrace.

It riles me up inside to think,
this fool has killed and created a stink,
of regal blood on my homelands escarpment,
This is despicable, this abasement!

Alas, I cannot change the things,
that have been agreed upon by other beings.
Cecil knew his time would come.
That he would die by the hand of a gun.

Cecil reminds me of the Christ,
who died, so lonely in plain sight.
They both before, a contract signed,
to face their very death and plight.

Do not be angered, rejoice my friends,
for Christ and Cecil it is not the end!
Rejoice for he lives, the King he lives!

© , right now

I chose this topic in another site that i saw because for me it is very personal as I was born in that land, I no longer live there but my heart still beats for the Zimbabwean rhythm of life.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A wonderful tribute to Cecil, Hazel. Well written