Medley of a heartache

by Dixiedaisy   Dec 13, 2015

Medley Of a Heartache

Ascend the summit
trying to grasp
bantam splinters
of ere yesterday
Lie upon the cliffs of Dover
where mist becomes my tears
Pass not by fields of green
lead unto such placid stream

Ticking slow the pendulum
eternal is it's beating rhythm
For my widowed heart you kept
when nightfall creeped you crept
Pillaged for my thoughts
nothing sacred in my mind
Are the Grapes of Wrath
too bitter on the tongue

I'd respond with wit
but I've lost all stamina

Sleep is imminent
But at what cost?
Truths untold hidden in scheme
'Tis not mineself for thee enough?
Upon beds of roses if giveth thine love?"
Remnants of light grasp the shore
With no return persuasion they retreat
Succumbing to the eve that lay in store

We pondered o'er hurt and anguish
that caused my heart to weep
Relict of a union
Formerly united
Blinded difference
ultimately divided
When you cut the ties that bind

When summer sun bids goodnight
Winged creatures have ceased in flight
Death, in all its beauty,
watching over me
Air becomes heavy with fragrance,
Clearing my senses at last

Just dust to the earth
as was before
Nothing less
and nothing more

Only residue
of memories remains...
like poppies clutched
'tween fingers and palm,
clawing at the last strands
of an August moon,
trying to hold on

**This poem was created using 20 different lines from 20 different poems of mine. Hope you enjoy.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Cindy

    Wonderful job on this one Kay
    Love Cindy

  • 2 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    I can only imagine the time needed to read back over 20 poems and select these lines. The result is as the title states a medley of inner emotion. The imagery waa for me like watching a montage of your life.
    Excellent work and a labour of love no doubt.

    Take care,

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What a wonderfully clever and well written piece. You really do have a beautiful way with words.
    All the best and take care,

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