Sharing life with a man

by Beauty In The Breaking   Dec 30, 2015

His and hers laundry together in the dryer,
two plates and bowls in the sink,
high heels next to some loafers,
two sets of keys by the door.

Bobbypins and hair ties next to his hairbrush,
two toothbrushes together in the glass,
make up and glitter next to his hair gel,
his and hers sides of the double sinks.

Flowers on the table next to the zombies,
romance books mixed with the game books,
extra blankets on one side of the bed
because I get cold when you're not beside me.

Pink socks folded up next to your work ones,
two training uniforms hanging together,
my stuffed bear sitting on your pillow
and my yogurt in the fridge.

Sparkling wine next to the beer,
my jewelry next to your laptop,
flowery shampoo next to your Old Spice,
and the smell of cologne mixed with perfume.

The sounds of you working in the garage
while I work on cleaning the kitchen,
dinner for two in the oven
and our music blending together.

Kids snuggled up between us
every other weekend,
you watching anime with them
and me reading them Dr Seuss.

Barbie dolls and girls shows,
kids clothes folded with ours,
stealing kisses and touches
when their not looking our way.

Sharing showers and you brushing my hair,
cuddles at night on the couch,
our coats hanging together in the closet
and my sewing next to your paints.

You work on the house repairs
while I work on the flowerbeds,
you pulling me into your arms
and dancing me around the kitchen.

Sharing my heart, my body and life
has taken such getting used to,
cohabitation is definitely a new thing,
intimidating but so very wonderful.

Sleeping curled up next to you
and greeting you when you come home,
its such a beautiful life
when it's shared with you by my side.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I could go on and on about this poem, but all I will say is that it is an absolutely beautiful write, filled with such vivid descriptions and by the end of it, I was smiling and nodding knowingly as I feel the same about the lucky life I have with my wife.

    All the very best,