Drown Me.

by Poet on the Piano   Jan 9, 2016

The night is too dangerous for her to handle,
so she tries to escape the wool sheets that choke her
and the piano keys that beg for her grand return.
She exhales Shakespearean tragedies as wine bottles
litter the floor and lonely lungs rip apart origami
constructed by imbrued memories and veins.

A precarious heart -
unstable, exposed; her ribcage cracked
while her vocal chords are haunted with
unanswered melodies (unreciprocated love).

Sunshine never satisfies her, nor the words
of support that pass by the door every hour.
She can't swallow the flowers or gifts or dreams
because she knows the reality underneath.

Nothing is guaranteed...
so why not try to take flight
for who knows if the darkness will ever cease?


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  • 2 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Again -you entered my head :)

    This poem is really sad, and somewhat pessimistic, but I cannot drag myself away from the fact it is so true. Especially when your head is in that place of darkness, where it already feels like it is drowning, only you never die. You feel like you are trying, only nothing ever changes or happens, and things begin to feel pointless, hopeless.

    More great word choices throughout this, I think this is why your poetry never sounds cliche, even if the idea or topic might be, each poem is unique and offers wording or imagery that i have never came across before.

    Can so fall in love with this poem right now, I bet so many people could relate to this if they knew it existed!

    time to start publishing !