Take my bones.

by Poet on the Piano   Jan 31, 2016

Something's gonna change here.

I ain't telling mama, yet.

But I'm this (this) close to filling
my worn-out backpack and
taking a taxi to the nearest station.

I'm sick of this town, and don't
mistake my frustration with
ingratitude but I've tried to
fit myself in places that aren't
right, on tracks that don't
carry me forward.

Something's gonna change, today.

I woke up believing that.

I ain't sure of the outcome,
I'm sure I'll cry some ghosts,
shed snake skin and religious creeds.
I'll probably lose you in an
anticlimactic way, like the way
artists say goodnight to their
brushes and instead paint dreams
that can't satisfy enough color,
but I ain't leaving without some
kind of closure...

I guarantee that.

Full title: Take my bones, you already have buried my heart.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    I love the honesty of this piece, and also how you have shortened the title, but also let us know the real title. It is a powerful line, but that is sometimes just how it is, how it feels, and it is what crushes us into the hopeless darkness.

    But thus, is also what can sometimes push us to make a change, to demand from ourselves something new, so we can become unstuck in the place we are in.

    I like how you repeated this (this) much... I could actually envision your arms doing the actions to show the amount, and also could hear the emphasis on your tone. Nicely done!

  • 2 years ago


    I liked this! Says it 'how it is!'
    Time for a change!!
    Well penned Poet on the Piano.