I stand my ground; this is not your house.

by Poet on the Piano   Feb 19, 2016

You're like a poltergeist that I
keep screaming at to no avail.

You will not leave even when you
claim you never intended to stay.

I escape through the bottle -
the lights still flicker in my eyes.
I take more than one sleeping pill -
you make a home in my dreams.
I turn off all ways of contact -
your voice echoes when I exhale.

Stop calling my name.
Don't you know how hard it is
to tell you "go away" every minute?
It would be so easy, so inexcusable
to let you in
but understand that I


Vent poem!

Written while listening to "My House" by PVRIS. These lyrics stuck with me:

"Gotta get you out of my system, yeah
It's my house, and I think it's time to get out
It's my soul, it isn't yours anymore "


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