by Poet on the Piano   Feb 20, 2016

You've been through it already.

I'm going through exactly what you battled
and yet you side with him, again.
You picked the coward's cave.
Did you ever stand up to him?
Did you ever stand up for yourself?

Tonight, you said he was right,
that I always acted superior and that
he had responded in a reasonable manner
(like telling your daughter to go pack
her bags is the most logical action).

I thought we stuck up for each other.
I'm always trying to protect you even
though I'm three years younger.
I'm always concerned and watching
out for how you're currently doing.

Would you even console me if I cried?
Would you even notice if I slipped out
of the house and left for a night?

I promised myself I'd never grow up
to be anything like him...
but I'm afraid you're taking after him
and there's nothing I can do.

Written 2/19/16 @ 7:15 PM Another vent


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