When will my garden grow?

by Poet on the Piano   Mar 5, 2016

How then, I ask you.

How then can a simple, sinful, 100% human heart love so deeply? Love a possibility of a future that no one has even solidified. And it's not like wishing on stars or playing with the ghosts of yesterdays, because you can hold onto something somewhat and somehow tangible even when others don't see its light or that it exists as potential energy. It could become something more, see? Because love is vulnerability and love is accepting the darkness and love is seeing beyond the ordinary. And that's what I did...

I loved you for your humanity. For your flaws deeper than moon craters and your inconsistences wider than any canyon. I loved you while you were little and weak, a seed freshly planted, and while you were growing into something far more beautiful than I could fathom.

But I was merely a pretty flower in your garden.

You admired me, yet moved on to tend to others. And I had to accept that you would not be my caretaker, and in return, I could not blossom for you.

Some flowers have to grow, wilt and move on... their spirit always wandering but keeping hope that someone will pick them and love them and they can and will live


I will find another garden to grow in.

My petals, my soul, will be colored by love's pure light again.

My roots will see another Spring.

Freewrite written 3/02/16.


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