On Sacred Grounds.

by Poet on the Piano   Mar 5, 2016

All of this anger bottled up -
I will someday explode and no one
will be prepared quite enough.

I could never ask you to bear
or even dare contain these
ravenous emotions.

Again I want to shout at you,
not with you but directed entirely
at those heavenly eyes that
won't love me the way I pray.

I hate how I let myself believe
you cared enough to ask the most
simplest of question, "que paso?"

Yes, I gave my innocence away,
that's what, and he knew it and
didn't try to protect my purity
like I knew you would.

I wanted you to save me from
complying to a man I had just met,
a man just divorced with five kids.

I want to question if you ever listened
but the Lord knows I've yelled enough
in his holy home, what a poor excuse
for a human living off a saint's prayer.

You don't even know his name, where
he lives, where he works like I do.
I am haunted by him still, and it's only
been three months.

Will he always give me nightmares the
way you always grace me and murder
me in my dreams, at the same time?


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