Her Tears:

by Scott Cole   Apr 28, 2016

It's not her happy tears that fall
Or even those excited ones at all,
It's not the ones that bring such joy
For these here are the real mccoys.

Both of her eyes are full of sorrow
Of which her brokenheart did borrow,
To ease the pain that brings the misery
Through those rain gutters of trickery.

Upon the smooth skin of her face
They leave a clear and shiny trace,
Of all those exact little pathways
Where each run away tear did stray.

For some will find peace and shelter
Survive those rocky waters weltered,
And become nothing but a teardrop
That fell from crying eyes nonstop.

While the others will learn a lesson
A crash and burn kind of blessing,
For those hardest tears to ever cry
Are but those ones that say goodbye.

When all things are said and done
Not a single tear left under the Sun,
For her baby blues are all dried out
And her hurting heart no longer pouts.

Without all of her pains of sorrow
She can once again crack a grin,
Before another sad breakup begins
And her poor little heart caves in.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A wonderful poem full of great imagery. I didn't realise that so much could be written In one poem about tears. Loved the flow and rhyming and in particular lines such as
    "through the rain gutters of trickery" and
    "a crash and burn kind of blessing"
    Very well done Milly x