Coffee 2 - Rap

by Maher   Jun 14, 2016

Tree leaf, tea leaf, let us leave;
satisfaction absent, apparent it seems.
Distilled or tap, it never relieves
the aftermath on the tongue, unpleasant indeed.

Only two tiers to boast,
hot water and leaves;
complexity lacking, slacking, always in need
of texture - missing - thin as can be,
no goodness, lack of substance; chase it from me.
Atomic blandness laden sadness,
compliments of the Queen.
Extend your pinkie while you tip
to sip a destroyer of dreams.
Caffeine levels trashy, lacking the apt
to keep you from sleep;
a fruitless drink on any morning,
a crappy wake-up relief.

Coffee holds the answer, caffeine heavy,
alert for work, ever ready,
tasty, creamy, cuts the dreaming,
by the kilo, ground, smooth or beany.
Awake to the smell of Massimo Zanetti,
Vittoria, Lavazzi, Matthew Algie.

Better yet, your very own espresso machine,
big or small, rich or poor, it'll satisfy your needs.

Beat THAT! :p


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