Visiting my grave.

by Poet on the Piano   Jul 14, 2016

Here, you rain on me.
I'm your living tragedy and
even though the cement spells
out every skeleton I ever shed,
I can't swallow the stones
that never marked me as

The reality bites me - not bittersweet,
not candy hearts and pixie dust we snort
from pipes.

I force muscles to lift upwards;
triumphantly, I
carry dead grass between my teeth
as I let the past rot behind and before me...

You aren't dead to me;
I am dead to the me I so
desperately wish
to arise.


"I'm a tough girl whose soul aches" - Sia
Challenge by Yaki to write a poem based on that lyric!


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  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Wow. What a perfectly written yet sad piece just with the inspiration of a lyrics. You did a fabulous job.