I Was Wrong

by No1ButMe   Oct 3, 2016

I grew up in the shadows
never noticed, never cared for
but I accepted my fate
never asked for any more
and still I thought,
nothing could be as bad as this
but I was wrong,
now that feeling is something I miss
how naive I was,
to think it couldn't get worse
because, believing in that
is nothing but a curse
life takes it as a challenge
and life always wins
because it's persistent
and never, ever gives in
I bypassed it for awhile
but now I find myself here
hiding in the bathroom
trying to cover my tears
they don't want me to feel
so I have to make it halt
I see the knife, and whisper
this isn't my fault
no one noticed last time
so I place it to my skin
get rid of these feelings
everything I'm holding in
only one line,
that's all it takes
but it needed to be done
for my sanity's sake
blood droplets appear
and I feel the weight lift
a sudden knock at the door
and my body goes stiff
clean up the evidence
open the door
back to being dead
once more
but the tears are off my face
not that anyone will care
I could have a total meltdown
and no one would even stare
it wouldn't register
they wouldn't even blink
as I write this, I know
and my heart begins to sink
I'm not sure how to feel
I'm not sure how to go on
I thought it couldn't get worse,
but, boy was I wrong...


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