Being Condemned!

by Crissy Taylor   Nov 6, 2016

Ok this is a poem i wrote in high school for a class paper. Its about the Holocaust an the camps they were in.

Being accused,
suffering day after day with the pain
Why us? Why us?

Feeling the rope around our necks,
reciting the words of god,
Then comes death to us.

People saying they seen the devil,
Why accuse when they don't know,
Suffering someone else's mistake.

People getting hanged for no reason,
Everyone pointing and laughing while they're hanging,
No reason, no respect, no life.

Being condemned to death,
Vengefulness is not the answer,
Living day by day with no hope for tomorrow.

Why such a harsh punishment to us?
Just because we are different from them,
The days go by an life turns into death!

Soon all we can see and smell around us is death!


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