by XxHealing from the inside outxX   Dec 20, 2016

On a cold winter evening a few days before Christmas I set alone in the doorway daydreaming about old memories seeing you walk through the door hanging up your coat and that old hat you loved so much. As we would sit an have our morning talks but now in this empty house I have only conversation with myself on Christmas Eve just before twilight I noticed the snowman in the backyard nothing extraordinary but he reminds me so much of you if I recall he was wearing your coat and hat. I got up from my chair to look out the window to see a bright cheerful snowman face I threw the door open so quickly I nearly fell on my feet I thought for a moment God have sent you back to me. but it was just a snowman three balls made a cool fluffy snow to twigs for arms two buttons for eyes a little carrot for a noise for a moment I forgot that I was totally alone but on Christmas morning I got such a shock when I came down the stairs to see the snowman sitting in your chair I can believe how he got in the house but I realize it was my Christmas miracle that I've been praying about. he got up from your chair took his hat and coat off we sat in the kitchen having a good old morning talk I felt like you were here again by the evening's I wasn't alone anymore but as quickly as you came an as quickly you said goodbye I knew it right then and there you never left me this whole time


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard


    This is a sad and moving write indeed which actually reminded me a little of the story The Snowman - never fails to reduce me to tears!
    The visuals and descriptive writing in this piece are spot on and combine to create a tangible atmosphere to the write.

    Well done, speak soon and all the very best to you,


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