Benediction of Righteous Fury

by Kakera   Dec 28, 2016

Pitiful Maya, hunted by the Heavenly Host:
proclaimed Tyrant who defy Heaven's Will,
Herald of the Fall of Man
and the siren that beckons
the Bloodmoon's twisted light
onto the shores of our sinking world.

Illusory Demon Maya, ruler of the mortal world:
cherished Queen of the forlorn,
blessed with her Wisdom unlocked
as the last gift of her exiled lover,
before her beloved left this world.

She is the Martyr Saint that ushers
a united people into enlightenment,
the open palm that taught humanity
how to cultivate the Path,
the one who unlocked
the Gate to the Immortal Realm.

She calls to us from her restless sleep.

Tyrant or Queen, it matters not:
She is our Messiah, for she gave us liberation
from the shackles of providence
and cruel torture of twisted Gods.

The Angels tore holes in reality
and descended from the Expanse,
as the Twelve-Winged Demigods
devoured the souls of all Humanity,
the Tyrant Queen saved us
from such a hollow fate:

She divided her soul, giving us all a fragment,
yet instead of making us weaker, it made us stronger;
Once we were divided peoples, shackled and enslaved
to cycles of violence and hatred,
yet now united - of one soul, of one mind,
moving as one, loving as one, living as one:
to repay her kindness, we would march
as one army under the worthiest of Monarchs,
and tear the Heavens asunder through
the benediction of our righteous fury:

Our Queen calls to us in her restless sleep,
and her heartbeat pulses through the world
as we march with it as our drums of war.

We were once humans, weak and weary,
but now the Heavenly Host fears us
and calls us Demons.

Illusory Demon Queen Maya, cherished and loved,
when she wakes from her restless slumber,
we will gift her the heads of the Archangels;
We will guard her sleep, we will feel her pulse,
we will hear her blood rushing in our veins:

Maya calls to us from her restless sleep,
so that we may be her divine spear
and pierce through all falsehoods
in our forsaken world;

Mastema laughs at the poetic twist of fate,
and Metatron divines the fall of the Heavens,
as our Beloved Queen opens her eyes
and through the guidance of Dawn
aims Us as her Spear towards the Heavens,
and we march to war against the true enemy -

She calls to us, an aria of vengeance -
an oath of Godslaying and ascendance,
as we enter the domain
of the Demiurge.

And when they both perish,
from the ashes she will rise,
and be resurrected
as a True Goddess of Creation.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Milo

    Oh and I just want to add how this story invokes so much thought. At first it was very hard to imagine this story in one read. Towards the end between this struggle of revenge, I wonder what a demiurge would look like? Would a demiurge need a physical body, maybe it's non physical. Hell does it even have a gender, a complex evolution that our minds and our sensory can't even comprehend? And I try to imagine where this fcuking epic battle would be? What planet or galaxy or even universe this take place? I try to think about these characters and the relationship between them, I end up getting lost in this imaginary world of yours that is trifling, imperfect and yet so beautiful. Where would a goddess of all creation reside? Is there even a throne or a place worthy for such a person in the universe? So many thoughts and so many questions.

    Oh and I can't even begun to imagine all the implication of religious themes and even the non religious themes that are applied. The thought of our parallel universe, our reality being torn from above as these great beings of light and darkness descend like enormous god like creatures and the only way we can comprehend this epic scenery is by thematic overtones of religion. If I saw this in real life, yeah I would assume it's a fcuking angel coming down from the heaven and is about to knock my ass down with a lightning bolt, who wouldn't? Even when you mention an immortal world, suggesting an infinite layer of dimensions upon dimensions and how these realities and universes that interweave with each other soon are distorted by this causeway of good verses evil, all the bubbles of universes popping and smacking into each other as war rages on and the drums are heard throughout the universes mortal and immortal, is an imagery that's beyond me. Makes me think of the fallacy that is implied, that we humans are so inferior to such awe inspiring imagination of fictitious creatures and beings that the only way we can comprehend is by cutting such magnificence down through the lenses taught to us by religious institutions. Just brilliant.

    • 5 months ago

      by Kakera

      Thanks for the brilliant comment. In some cases there are actual answers to the questions you raise, but I'm also being vague with descriptions on purpose. If we're too really put a genuine Throne into existence it would be the pleroma itself, since all of this is loosely based on gnostic creation myths, where the world was created from the divine by leaking out of it with no actual intentional creation taking place. I.e, Sophia leaving, or being exiled, from Divinity itself. At the same time, the Demiurge is the judeochristian god but in gnostic myth, he is a false one, and came into existence because of Sophia exiting the divine.

      But what more than strictly adhering to any interpretation of anything, what I seek to do is to make the core point that Gods are created in our image, not the other way around. What would be a "true" God isn't necessarily neither a being nor a sentient entity at all. Instead, I opt for all these layers to be born from humanity and our ability to both hold faith and to observe reality, in a way. It's tough to explain and not show in a much longer piece of work though. I subscribe heavily to the idea you raise at the end there, that we can only comprehend such things through biased lenses, so I instead argue that the lenses we observe them through created them in the first place, and that genuine divinity like in gnostic tradition doesn't necessarily exist within our universe at all. My plan for the novel this is themed on is to bring humanize all Gods portrayals and make the distinction between mortal and God a somewhat false premise to begin with. It all begins with how these cosmic beings are motivated by very human goals after all - such as greed, and lust for power.

      Because the way I personally see it, there would be something outside of creation itself, since the premise is a gnostic one.

  • 7 months ago

    by Milo

    What I love about this fantastical adventure inked into words so flawlessly, is that the nature of writing such a story requires a boundless imagination. I've gone back over the months and reread this in its entirety, looking over the words again and again and I find myself startled by a pattern of neglect. I start to neglect what you write. Instead, my imagination unfolds and make your words come to life from my perspective (how I understand this poem.) words turn to color and faces, eventually into horizons and beautiful yet intimidating people. Your words evolves into a storyline with such grace, as I continue the story in my head in so many different ways. I love that you allowed others to imagine. That's the beauty of storytelling. Something that didn't exist before, flourishes into life. Thank you.

  • 10 months ago

    by Milo

    I'll have to reread this later and comment again.

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Holy sh it !! (Sorry) I need to go read this again !!!

  • 1 year ago

    by Kurt

    I am a huge proponent that the creation of an image through the mastery of words is what defines the greatest and most talented writers. This was an impeccable piece. Well done! 5/5

    • 1 year ago

      by mossgirl19

      I agree with him in everything said. Well done indeed.

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