The beach

by Augustus Black   Jan 16, 2017

Jewel blue sea in its silent glory,
kisses the shore, gushing tepidly.
Majestic sun blazes in clear skies,
glistening against glazed white cliffs.
Nothing is more serene than an amble
along the golden sandy beach, passing a lady
mesmerised by an endless blanket of sea.
Two Victorian ladies dressed in shades
of blue and pink shelter under a red parasol.
Nonchalantly sitting upon a grassy dune,
without a worry nor care in the world.
A tepid breeze brings refreshing relief,
dancing through the salty air.
Footsteps are left behind in wet sand,
until waves wash them into the sea.
The only thing that lasts in time
are the brush strokes upon a canvass.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Golden AnGel Rhapsodist


    This is really a Wow! Nice visual here ...
    Thanks for bringing the readers to the beach. ...



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