she drapes herself in splendour

by Dancing Rivers   Mar 21, 2017

Beautiful lady, draped in emerald green.
Your crystalline blue eyes and ruddy flesh-
Kissed by your golden heart-
Inspires my soul to rejoice.

When last did I dance with you my lady?
swirled with you in your emerald gown.
When last did I embrace you
with the curiosity of a child?

Once I was so innocent
I was in awe of your splendour.
it seems my lady- your brother time-
was envious of my adoration of you.

For now I find myself longing
for his stale embrace.
With each breath I am lost to him.

I recall a day I bellowed to the world
She wraps herself in splendour!

Alas, I forsook you, for your brother time.
Yet fear not fair lady nature.
Still wrap yourself in splendour.

For I have awoken from my stupor
And long for your kisses.

Your sunshine dappled kisses.


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