by 2luv   Apr 13, 2017

Unpolished and living
in poverty
The epitome of me.
I feel rhythm and emotion
down to a Planck
length of my soul
any less would make
no sense... we know,
well, that's just how I roll.

I feel sad when I see
up and coming artist
go from anonymity
beautiful and raw
to so polished
I can't see a flaw
of real, or individuality
I feel

Changing and
one of them.
To me, that isn't

You are interested once
in the gift they share,
after it's so polished
it just isn't there.
You can't see it
through the shine,
and surgery and
I know
I own it, its mine...

That's what I am afraid
will happen to me,
If I morph something
new gone is my
and talent
and spontaneity
lovely me

It could be pretty
I can't do it,
It could get me
I can't take it
It won't let me
I won't make it...
I could lose it
I well know that ache
every Planck length of my soul....
in a cage... no
like all the others..

*I remain
unpolished in speech
but not
in knowledge.

**Thanks LVI for the inspiration I needed
to tell why... I choose to remain undereducated.

*Apostle Paul
in the holy bible


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by pmmurphy

    This holds so much truth to art and writing. If your not you, then what are yo doing?

  • 1 year ago

    by Lvi

    I read the title and recollected that I used this word for commenting on your piece..

    And as I scrolled down I realized your message and the footnote surprised me

    The message you have conveyed is really powerful....

    Loved the second stanza !

    Take care :)


    • 1 year ago

      by 2luv

      Inspiration is key and anyone would know that "getting" it understanding their art is powerful to the artist, validation. Thank YOU.

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