by Kips   Apr 23, 2017

With the existence of joy,
life feels pleasant;
and in some people's world,
Joy is a person.

In the absence of love,
life feels empty;
and in some people's world,
Love is a person.

He felt out of place, dissarayed;
his mind in agonizing pain:
for fear of rejection,
he's held on to his feelings.

Now he musters some courage
to pour out his thoughts
and lay bare everything in him,
to allow her see deep within.

Door opens slowly,
her eyes wide open,
what gave him the confidence
to knock on her door?

*ahem* looking straight at her...

To see you smile
and make your face glow,
to set you free
and hear your voice sing;
to walk with you
and hold your hand tight,
to sweep you off your feet
and watch you soar.

Place your hand in mine,
let me lead you along,
and show you a world
you've never known.
Lock your eyes with mine,
let the affection that creates
an endless wonder sweetly bloom
in the nucleus of your heart.

Eyes still wide open,
and her lips unattached,
she took two steps backward
and slammed the door shut.

Jolted back to the present,
he found himself standing
right in front of her room,
not sure how he got there.

Heart skipped a few beats,
as he turned slowly
and walked away
with his head hanging.

Kip-s 2017 | Rejected


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