Hell hath no fury....

by Michael   Apr 24, 2017

A crotchety cantina hosts a
Malevolent, fetish night.
Gluttonous brazen bandits gather
to satisfy a quaffing appetite.

Bristly whiskers of wily hair,
protrude beneath sombreros.
A wafting stench of chilli-liquor
From breath of slobbering desperados.

An acoustic mellows a sombre mood
Glowing lights fizzle to candle flicker.
A masquerade of rogues are hushed.
A shadow emanates a shapely figure.

She steps out from a neon niche.
Her dominance stamps authority.
A malaise settles upon lusty pouts,
Showering her sooty austerity.

A Flamenco cut a citrus chord.
She exhibits a fruitful sophistication.
Moustached mouths gape and gawp
drooling with suggested intoxication.

She swirls into a fervent Fandango,
fanning heckled hounds on heat.
Sultry sap wiped from snide smiles
Her bullish keeps asses in their seat.

She fades with a flailing finale
and slumps upon a sea of rose.
Spits of smitten hoot Encore!Encore!
But! She fades from cackled crows.

Louts leave with tails between their legs.
Sprayed Tequila, leaves respected scent's.
For hell hath no greater menace than
a woman's impish charmed offence!


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