by Michael   Oct 18, 2023

Beyond the rusty thorns of barbed wire
the ink from my pen flows with tears and sadness -
of a land carpeted with masses of scattered debris;
like broken pieces
of giant concrete Lego

but this is no playground for children!

Charred-like snowflakes drift through the air;
bloomed from a dark sinister cloud,
grown and nurtured here on earth
by human hands.

The lives of innocent people, once again are slashed
from their roots;
like a cutthroat slicing through
masses of stubble
leaving nothing but dead-ends.

screams are silenced
prayers are unanswered
vultures jostle for position
with eager eyes,
and the other side of the fence

sweat begins to trickle down the sides
of rocky faces

as war never ends,
it just begins



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  • 8 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Can't get over those last few lines. They really say it all.

    Really hard-hitting piece, Michael (good to see you back on here by the way). The title gives that sinking feeling of doom. That this is something that has been present for so long, and will continue to be. That perpetual state of suffering and death. The seemingly endless, ongoing state of war.

  • 8 months ago

    by Obscure

    There is so much despair in the words "war never ends,/it just begins/again."

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