I don't have a title

by TheDarkCloudBehindthePoet   May 11, 2017

tears running down my face uncontrollably,
i don't know where they are coming from,
waking up from a dream so real I can feel the vibration from the man I killed with a silver bat,
so angry that he took the only thing from me that got me through all the chaos and hard times,

my innocence,

all the built up rage I felt was let out on the back of his head,
throwing down the bat with so much force and anger Lucifer himself banged from the bottom floor with a broom asking me to keep it down,

an outburst of hatred and tears flowed in my dream,
as I awoke even more tear washed my face,

am I that broken?
am I really that sad?
what does this dream mean?
why was I crying in my dream and woke up to more cries?
is there really beauty in my sadness?

so much damage has been done that I can't pinpoint the source,
sometimes I just want give up,
i've never felt so alone.


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