by Larry Chamberlin   May 14, 2017

A patch of clover in a perfect lawn;
neglected to spread broadleaf killer
so this patch shows even after mowing
yet I refuse to eradicate it

When I was a young man such clovers
formed a chain when I met my best friend:
Senior day at Notre Dame High School,
Kathy Hopper, Diana and I wandered talking.

We made flower chains from clovers
growing unchecked by the south wing;
they each made one and I made two;
we wore them back to class like crowns.

Sister and brother we became forever,
Artemis to my Apollo, answerable only
to our common bond of understanding
crowned with a clover chain evergreen.

Caesar may have had his laurel crown
but lived too short a time to know
the joys that come with requited friendship
that grows stronger through the years.

So I let these clover alone in awe of power
that abiding love may join two people
despite distances and love of others
"to love pure and chaste from afar."

Quoted passage is from The Impossible Dream"


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  • 1 year ago

    by ether

    First of all, I always admire the structure of your pieces. They flow so effortlessly and in a way I've not managed to achieve myself with such consistency, having always struggled with keeping stanza line size constant.

    This poem was beautifully sentimental. It's a beautiful insight to your/human mind and how the tiniest or most seemingly insignificant things such as clover in a lawn can hold such value when we're reminded of it. It really is the little things in life that bring me the most pleasure and inspiration, and I was reminded of this while reading your poem.

    It was a pleasure.