Dad's Watch

by Larry Chamberlin   Aug 28, 2021

This? It's my father's pocket watch.
burnished gold, keeps meticulous time
and I can tell you to the minute
when he gave it to me, it was sublime.

He was old, of course, really old
and must have felt his end of days;
San Antonio, we had wandered
the Riverwalk, the sun ablaze.

Sunset, the water taxis lit up
and all the walk was alive
such a good time I had not
expected, he seemed to thrive.

The stairs to the street were
tough on the old bird, wheezing
but the sight above was magical
horse drawn carriages teasing.

We took the bait and climbed in
a strawberry - lemon chariot
with white noble steed ahead
rode all the way to the Marriott.

At his hotel we walked to the lift
he spoke of mom, tears hidden
and handed me this watch
knew I'd loved it, gave it unbidden.

When I opened it up, the chimes rang
midnight on the dot, such is magic;
when I remember his passing I smile
nothing about him was ever tragic.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This is so wholesome, especially that last line. Love how much character and heart you've penned because of these prompts. The rhymes were lovely too (only thing I noticed was that chariot and Marriott don't exactly rhyme? Unless I'm pronouncing it wrong, but I assume that doesn't matter as much here because I read it as more easygoing rhymes, not strictly adhering to something). There's nostalgia and heartwarming memories here that you've opened up. Really enjoyed this one, Larry!

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