Love Heals All Wounds

by Joshua Adam   Jun 6, 2017

This is a short poem about love, mistakes, and a happy ending. Sometimes life looks bleak. There really seems to be no more tomorrow, being unable to find any consolation to your current situation. Then there is still hope. There can still be a "coming to terms" within yourself. And in the end, a happy reconciliation.
Love Is The Greatest of Medicines!

Love's Healing Powers

How to come to terms with the pain inside
when hurt goes deep, when hurt spreads wide
and where to turn, in whom to confide
this was all that remained, for me to decide

A decision I made, of which I took in stride
though standing there alone, silently, I cried
knocking on her door, that cold winter night
as soon as I saw her, could not tell if it was right

That night was a test, trying to put my pain aside
accepting deep in my heart, it might forever reside
but the power of these feelings, inside of me took hold
consumed by a single desire, with her alone to unfold

Eye to eye we did meet, although our words were few
telling her of my sorrow, her reaction I then knew
those tears in her eyes, hurt me most of all
regret for having once left her, how I felt so small

Taking her hand in mine, never again to let go
kissing her tenderly, irrepressible tears did flow
my imprudent heart, would no longer do her wrong
whispering to her my love, forever my only song


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  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    This made me well up but I have to disagree as sometimes love can hurt like hell!

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