A love story for cancer

by Kereen   Jun 11, 2017

All her life
on her honor
She wore a smile
As bold as an armor
He showed courage, vigor and strength
But all that time he was worried when

And on he fought
The blows she took
The mistakes corrected
Lived by the book

Closed eyes and weary soul
They watched with broken hearts with empty holes
Tears streamed down from faces
In their minds stories filled spaces
Will she die will he live
And the irony of it all they were were both relatives

She had cancer he did too
But this is a love story for the two
Together they fought the enemy with swords of smiles and positivity
Living while living was a possibility

And after the treatments when the time came
In the night while they slept in pain
The Angel of death he really came
But the brother woke up and called his name

Take me he said
As he tried to get off the bed
I promised mom to look after my sister Lily
Let me die with this little wish and it's not silly
He argued with death until death agreed
And that night they left for a blissful field

She woke he was no longer there
She said brother you cheated and left me here
You were stronger than I
Better at this game
You took care of me
And I will honor your name

K. M.


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