Never Pity

by Domenico Sottile   Jun 17, 2017

Never Pity

The lad had many girlfriends
but had never been in love
that perhaps was why
he was quite sought out
With him ladies did not commit
they just went out

Love he wished to find
which drove him out of his mind
He was offered treats by his honeys
and in the long run
he wasted a lot of moneys
paying a dear price for company
being left with one more
and another responsibility
far and above his natural ability

To one lady who to him she had said
she had hair flowing on her face
he replied that men called it a beard
and naturally she thought
that answer was so weird

Another time he uttered to a date
men were good with actions
and women with words
this lady was ready to take up swords
and when he told another
men with intellect
are forced to give in to guns
being this a fact and not a nuance
this date to the man with muscles
she ran without even a glance

Life for the lad had become a struggle
but heroically he never considered it trouble
for he was able to avoid calamities
running from country to country
from city to city
and when he finally rested
he never begged for pity


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