Dark Dreams.... Dark Thoughts (Short Story)

by Chris   Jun 25, 2017

Walking on top of the world is how it felt, just faultless and astound in all ways. More than mere words could ever explain, an experience gain with every step. Exploring worlds I never thought existed or could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. Each stride captivated my interest, only looking back to catch a glimpse of the past as I strutted into a complete bliss. Divine Intervention... the only thing capable of breaking my gaze apart from what stood ahead. Smashing and ripping my way through anything that dared to stand in my way, dominating the battlefield of reality with my very fists, and kicking down barricades with my bare feet. I felt unstoppable, I felt like a GOD ready to take on an eternity of evil. Replenishing my rage by feeding on the weak, my sight was keen and carried on into the distance ahead, leaving a warpath behind me like a giant paving it's way through a thick forest searching for it's last meal. Beaten and torn, but undoubtedly overwhelmed with an intense desire to push forward through anything... or anyone for that matter. It was my world for the taking and I had the will power to obtain it.

Subsiding my adventure into a dark hole when I could bare no more, I lodged my body into resting, sending my mind into serenity only to be awakened by horrid dreams within my subconscious. I was a walking phenomenon, constructing my own way through life, dependent on nothing but my very being to carry myself further. The skies above slowly turned into darkness, concealing my vision to the vast landscape ahead, blurring my perception as it made me entirely helpless for the first time. I could feel my soul being ripped from me, making me weak as I felt my hands overpowered and bound beneath me. Pure darkness obstructed my senses as I fell into a complete hell, whipped and beaten as I was lifted from the ground below, my once horrid dreams were quickly becoming reality. Hours upon hours I was carried without consent, it felt like a dozen or more little minions that tortured my physical mass while being carried into the unknown. Whips lashed across my external covering, as well as twigs and massive chains that could only seem to be held by giants. My body writhed under the hands of many, struggling and trying to break free to defend myself, it was a complete failure every time that inflicted more pain upon my body.

The air soon became more dense and irked with the stench of the dead, the presence of evil grew stronger with every lasting minute, sounds of the underground emitted through my ear drums as I could hear water cascading down bends, twists, and the bindings of pipes. Frightening screams echoed through what seemed never ending hallways as an eerie percussion of a cell door rung loud into my brain. A quick change in direction shot an excruciating pain into my spine, my body being slammed into a bulwark as my head recoiled off of it. My wrists were free once more, but still conquered by a relentless creature as frigid steel slipped over my wrists which bound to short chains. A massive hand stretched over my entire head as the woven fibers were removed from the apex of my carcass. A monumental being stood before me encased by a dark shadow from the blinding light behind it, my direct peripheral vision was blurred from my once dilated pupils but before they could contract and adapt, the beast was absent.

I sat there more humiliated than ever, strapped in the corner of this god forsaken cell that reeked an unbearable smell, a steamy liquid substance slowly escaped between the cracks within the molded rock that were stained red from what looked like old blood. Across from me laid the remains of something else that was once chained down, the skeleton was not that of a human, but of a smaller creature whose deformities were of nothing I’d ever gazed upon. Lowering my shame back to the floor where I was forced into submission I realized my years of wreaking havoc have come to an end. I rested my head against the hard rock surface but bound to a corner that was all I could do, the chains around my wrists were short so the only posture I could resume was an upright one which was very uncomforting. Days past and I became weary, discomforted, and very weak, not much to anyone’s likes by any means.

One dreadful night I was suddenly awakened from my sleep, the steel cuffs were displaced from my wrists vigorously as I was dislodged from my corner and thrown over a massive shoulder. I balled my fists and pounded on the enormous beast attempting to break myself free with no luck, only increasing his fury towards me, slamming his shoulder into the wall, smashing my body between the two sending scrutinizing pain into my already sore back that put me into an unconscious state.

To Be Continued....

**Writing from August 27, 2009**


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    by Ren

    WOW! This is some fantastic writing! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing!