Taking It Back

by Chris   Jun 29, 2020

You and your friend have had a grasp on me for far too long,
Causing chaos and relentless pain in a place you do not belong,

You two work so well together, like a match made In hell,
Feeding off of sad thoughts and negative energy, just like a bad spell.

I’ve reminisced for weeks now, rewatching the many years you’ve both destroyed,
But see now you’ll be perished for good, into a deep void.

For now you’ve caused enough pain for my eyes to awaken,
I’ll never allow you to make my loved ones feel forsaken.

Depression, oh the grip you have had, but love always wins in the end.
Your grip has slipped and now I have to make amends.

Overthinking, wow, just wow, I’ve underestimated your power for too long,
You create problems that don’t exist, a buffet for depression to feed from, not anymore, I’m too headstrong.

I’ve stepped out of the shell you’ve spent years building around me,
You can have two single finger salutes, because now I’m free.

See, this is my life to live, it’s time for my comeback,
Cause this is my life, and I’m taking it back!


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