Sister Weaver

by Kakera   Jun 28, 2017

Sister, O Sister Weaver, how my heart aches
when I watch you weave the vicissitudes of life
into a tapestry, portraying scenes from your past;
You have woven memories of the beautiful
into a prophecy of anguish and despair,
as the fire in your hand reaches the tapestry.

Every string - every fate - that you wove into those scenes,
they represent eras of forsaken Gods that perished
under the hands of the puppets of the Great Will;
They represent the current river of time
that flows from the chaos of life,
down towards the yellow springs.

Every string - every fate - that you've woven into your tapestry
consists of the bonds between people and Love's fragility:
I wish I could usurp the heavens, so that the false prophets
would no longer seek you as their oracle,
no longer put the burdens of the world
on your shoulders.

So thus I remain here, in your shadow,
gazing into the abyss beyond the flames
that you used to caress Heaven's Fate,
as you let the Tapestry of All Destiny burn
for the sake of bestowing upon all of us
our freedom.

Because self-sacrifice is your true nature - it is all you know.
You never had the chance to learn how to live a worthy life,
you never even once became blessed with dreams
and promises meant to be kept, of a future worth living in.
Sister Weaver, O Sister of mine, who I love more
than the darkness of infinity loves the light from the stars,
how I wish that the burning of your tapestry will free you
from the shackles of the Tyrant and his games.

For you, I will become the Red Dragon, and I will fly!
Fly! Towards the highest Heavens, and wage war!
All of Law shall tremble; all of Heaven shall burn!
Let it no longer be Michael who measure our sins,
let his scale melt into my spearhead as I drive it towards his throat;
Let Metatron chronicle my ascension, and the fury lodged within my throat,
and let the Adversary advocate Evil, let him turn lies into truth,
allow him to turn black into white, and the Tyrant into a mercy.

For it matters not: through the light of morning,
I shall open the path to the Tyrant's throne,
and decorate his palace with the severed heads of the Angels;
I shall overturn all of Fate - I shall overturn Heaven's Will,
and I shall strike down the Demiurge and devour his Divine Spark.

See my resolve, Sister Weaver, O Sister of Mine,
witness how I reclaim my name!

Let all of Creation tremble;
witness the extent of my rage, O Sister Weaver,
and weave a new tapestry portraying me,
as I turn falsehood into reality;
Immortalize my expression,
as I pluck dark stars with my bare hands,
and smash them against the Firmament above:

For the False God cannot seal me any longer,
and he is powerless in the face of my fury:
The Exile bestowed upon me true Divinity
before my smile collapsed forever due to his schemes,
and the very borders of reality cannot contain my vengeance -
All of Fate must burn; All of Heaven must turn to dust,
and the world that the Demiurge proclaimed himself Lord over
must become my lover's final tomb -

So Sister Weaver, O Beloved Sister of mine,
weave a new world from the ashes and blood,
after I have finished walking down this crimson path,
for all that awaits not just me, but any who stand in my way,
is a fate worse than death.

And as I use the life that I have left, Sister Weaver,
to annihilate every single being that is enslaved by Heaven's Law,
let my soul be divided - let every human who they massacred take a shard.
Use my soul as a fuel for the recreation of all that I once cherished,
once I have waged this final war:

Sister Weaver, O Beloved Sister of Mine, think not of my fate with pity,
think not of it with sadness - but rejoice, for I have never wanted a life without Her.
This Path that I walk upon is the only Path I have left to take.
The Heavens must perish - and so must I.
But your new tapestry, if woven from the Ashes of a Crumbling Heaven,
stained with the Blood of Angels and False Gods,
held together by the fragments of my weary soul,
I trust will be enough to free Creation from tyranny;
I trust it will count as me keeping my promise
to Her.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Kakera! This is bloody amazing to the heavens and back! I am completely breathless and in humble awe. Every stanza is rich in awesome imagery and the choice of words spill out the defiance and strong spirit of the author. Words just fall short, Kakera! This is very, very excellent!

    • 1 year ago

      by Ren

      Absolutely, hands down, 100% agree! This is phenemonal writing!!

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