True Blood

by TheDarkCloudBehindthePoet   Jul 2, 2017

No more tears just acceptance of who I am,
I dare not tell you because you won't understand,
A giant smile and a muscular frame,
doesn't quite live up from which it came,

I love you, I hate you,
but I can't live with or without you,
All the pain we spread and been through,
I hate thinking about you,

You are In my mind where the demon sleeps,
Hoping you tread carefully,
Never whispering a peep,
So who is going to be there to lullaby me to sleep?
Will it be you or all the counted sheep?

I don't need you or your love,
You see these cuts?
it was you I was thinking of,

Now begone,
before I show you true love,
Finally letting the blood run out,
I call that true blood.


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