The Victim

by Nobody   Jul 3, 2017

No one plays the victim card quite like you

You wear it like a name tag
Pinned proudly to your chest
Letting it represent all you do

It's an ace you keep
Artfully hidden up your sleeve
And play only when you need an escape

It's a role you've memorized
Every single line and performed
Like a star on the silver screen

It's a crutch you lean on so heavily
When all else fails and you want
To pretend that your feet no longer work

I swear,
No one plays victim card quite like you


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Wow! This is superb! Very sensible and flowed well.

    Playing victim is quite a thing we all do...sometimes it's our only escape.

    This is lovely, well done!