Dark Dreams.... Dark Thoughts Pt. 2 (Short Story)

by Chris   Jul 11, 2017

My eyelids were nearly matted shut, my eyes felt like they were on the verge of exploding, I could feel every vein in my body protruding against my leather like skin. My vision still obscured as I could feel the blood rushing through my brain as I was hung upside down, stripped down and bare, like meat waiting to be butchered. The location was quiet and the breeze was scarce, the smell was horrid, even worse than before. I went in and out of consciousness several times due to the weight of my body dangling from my bruised ankles. Weak and debilitated, I squirmed with every ounce of energy I had left in attempt to break free, but the straps bound to my ankles were too strong, almost as if they were specially designed for a massive being.

For what seemed like hours, I struggled relentlessly to get free, I would not be dominated this way, I was a devine being, not capable or remorse or sorrow, I was designed to inflict pain and agony on anything I chose. However, the tables were turned, and my colossal mass was in possession of someone or something with more influence and authority than myself. I wanted to overtake this new equally tasteful friend, in which I only caught a shadow of, and make them pay for such treatment. I would demolish this being, make him beg at my feet for mercy before ripping his spine out through his esophagus as I watched the life drain from his eyes. But at this point in time, I could only dream of these actions.

The sound of heavy footsteps approached slowly, causing me to cease my struggle to get free. At last, I hope to finally meet my evil foe that has me bound upside down, and make him pay at my first opportunity. My vision was starting to clear, possibly from the amount of adrenaline pulsing through my body at the repeated thought of revenge. He lurked just just outside of range for a definite denomination, but close enough for his presence to be known. I could see the vapor escaping his lips in the cold winter air with each breath he took, the adjacent flame only showed light to a dark heavy hood that secluded his face from being seen. I spit and yelled in his presence, threatening him, attempting to antagonize the being that stood afar. Nothing phased him, not a flinch or even a change in posture, he just stood there, as if he was gazing on a personal trophy. My fury magnified each minute he stood there, I was in an uncontrollable rage, ready to tear this commander limb from limb, and suddenly the straps around my feet broke, sending me to the rock below hard. I felt my collarbone snap, but my adrenaline didn't allow me to undergo any pain, my only objective was the unrevealed being.

To Be Continued.......


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