Sold Heart

by Milo   Aug 6, 2017

She asked impatiently,
"Why won't you love me?"
Crying softly on my shoulder
I'm emotionless to her touch
But exploding inside
I looked at the tears
In front of me
And remembered,

She came to me
Like the burning light
Of a fallen star
Sleeping, then creeping
In the dark
Finally moving swiftly
Across the downtown street
Beautifully unfurled,
I thought
She was everything
My blue eyed graceful lady
With her dark hair...

Until she disappeared
Into the night
Taking my heart with her
I never saw her again

A woman I hardly knew
But that's why
I can't love you
I don't have nothing to give,
And I'm a loveless soul...
Just passing by.

I closed my eyes
To the sad tears
In front of me and said,

"I sold my heart a long time ago."


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Oh my, awww, very beautifully written.