Why I Write:

by Scott Cole   Aug 24, 2017

With the poems I write
The thoughts I choose,
I try to be positive
In all that I use.

For bad days will come
From time to time,
And make us a prisoner
Of our own mind.

So we all need comfort
An encouraging word,
To pick up our spirits
When sadness occurs.

Cause smiles are prettier
Than any ole frown,
So I choose to lift up
And never tear down.

For joy in the heart
Feels better than pain,
So I do it out of love
Instead of in vain.

I hope that you feel
With each word I write,
From all of my poems
That I do recite.

All of the positivity
That I throw your way,
For I do it on purpose
To spruce up your day.


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  • 10 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    I for one enjoy reading your poetry... And I love your message here. Sweet! Thank you.