Reason For The Season:

by Scott Cole   Aug 30, 2017

If I was a snowflake
I'd have my own season,
I wouldn't come around
Unless there was a reason.

I'd be put on a pedestal
For curious eyes indeed,
Cause they are the ones
That I seem to please.

We can take a sleigh ride
Throw a snowball or two,
For when I'm around
All eyeballs are glued.

We can make a snowman
And dress him in clothes,
Or construct us an igloo
Until our fingers are froze.

For I'm just a snowflake
But I spread the love,
As soon as I'm sent
From the Heavens above.

We can grasp the moment
And have us a ball,
The most important things
They're free after all.

We can make snowangels,
As fast as we can,
For my time is limited
It's according to plan.

Cause I'm just a snowflake
And though I am pleasing,
All the glory belongs to Jesus
He's the reason for the season.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Lucifer

    Scott, Another wonderful poem!

    You implemented a nice thought very well with your tools(flow, rhyme, meaning...).