What Hate Might Say:

by Scott Cole   Sep 4, 2017

I'm not born in your pure hearts
No I wasn't interlaced in your genes,
For God didn't give that right to me
Because I'm wicked and so unclean.

For I'm learned from ignorance
Solely through foolishness I feed,
And once I'm impelled in your Soul
I'll spread like a stubborn weed.

Once I show my pitiful face
I'll suck the very life out of you,
For I destroy everything that I touch
Through my actions and my views.

I crave evil and bad thoughts
And injustice for all of mankind,
So I'll leave you hopeless and helpless
To remove me from your broken mind.

For my hands are stained with anger
And my heart if full of despise,
So you must follow my wishes
Because I don't settle for compromise.

For once I've tainted your good beliefs
You are at the mercy of my fuel,
All that decay and decomposion
That makes my taste buds drool.

So before you let me contaminate
All your pure heart stands for,
Don't you dare cross that fine line
Unless your life is prepared for war.

For I'm just a devilish thought away
From bringing impurities into your heart,
For I'm against everything God approves of
I don't lift up I tear apart.

I'm the meanest feeling you'll have
For I fight love tooth and nail,
But if you have compassion for others
My self control over you will fail.

For I'm known the whole world over
As a bullish word called HATE,
And my side effects are catastrophic
Because like a disease I only mutate.


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