by Valiantpenguin   Sep 27, 2017

You see me
Like no one else does
You see the me i hide from everyone else
The me that loves getting scared
The me that hates boredom
The me that hates me

You hear the thoughts I'm too afraid to say
The thoughts I'm too afraid to think
The thoughts that scare me into tears
The thoughts I don't know I'm thinking sometimes

You bring out the me i was always supposed to be.
The best me
All the things I'm too afraid to do or say by light of day
You bring them out of me like the moon brings the tide
You bring them out of me like they were always supposed to be there

You make me terrified and brave at the same time
You make me terrified of how brave I am

You make me want to face my demons
The demons that would surely damn me

But I'm not brave enough
I'm not there


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