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A tribute to my depression and the men I never should have dated

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  • I tore down the foundation of where we began in...
    Where once we stood as high school sweethearts...

  • Colors flow across my skin in the form of makeup,
    Hiding the things I do not want to face...

  • Lately I feel like one big question mark
    I no longer know where I belong...

  • I am more than the messes I've made
    More than the causes I've lost...

  • Since i was 9 i was the fat kid
    Unloved by my father...

Latest Quotes By Valiantpenguin

  • As you get older
    You learn that kisses don't mean anything
    Promises are always broken
    "I love you" is just a phrase
    And good-bye's really are forever

    12 years ago
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  • The hardest part is done
    Though this pain doesn't have an end
    My heart will heal with time
    The broken pieces will mend
    Someday I may even love again
    Though that day is far away
    I promise I will always be here
    Even if I'm just your friend

    12 years ago
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  • Someday you'll cry for me
    Like I cried for you
    Someday you'll miss me
    Like I missed you
    Someday you'll need me
    Like I needed you
    Someday you'll love me
    Like i loved you
    {But I won't love you}

    12 years ago
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