A Splendor Of Love

by Sherry Caayupan   Sep 29, 2017

Once a billet-doux was taken by this beau,
An afflatus read by his beloved belle,
The affinity tied betwixt bows,
Their love beyond compare, no one could tell...

Before sunsets is the accrescing of uttered pledge,
A benevolence in heeded bings,
The cachinnation at lover's edge,
No cad nor caitiff intrude or adhere...

Adieu to saddening lover's loss to a cantatrice,
A canzonet she wrote with her graceful voice,
Enticing music spoken in cliches,
Beauteous billows seemed restless noise...

A dance made with candor,
An addle life adust of the lover's light,
This bequest by long forgotten ancestry devours,
An advertent love gave opulence to one's night...

A beneficent gallant turns away from the tumult,
A love like this is no adversary but friend,
He remained acquiesced of this love's ruling,
An absinthe drank with love's abstinence...


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