The Realm of Love

by Sherry Caayupan   Nov 30, 2021

Of all the realms love can ever be found,
It is a place where love blooms freely;
With all the soft rain of care be bound,
A beauty rained with integrity;

Beneath the world's undying reverie,
A song played for love's constance;
Serenading through the night's dream,
Of fine music with unending remembrance;

A beautiful haven where love flourishes,
In this world of affection and magic;
Grants forth a million wishes,
Of love forever and undyingly sweet;

A care for all the love in the world,
Bears forth a love true and unending;
Love given with all promise and word,
Is a love so endlessly undying;

The beauty of love is seen in the deepest,
Of hearts real and so sincere;
In its pace so soothingly endless,
Of a paved road one soul endears;

A dreaming of sweet imperishing love,
Is a reverie played worthy of all;
An undying love dreamnt from up above,
Is a love never ever felt small.


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