Love's Deepest Ocean

by Sherry Caayupan   Nov 24, 2021

Whisper in my ear the deepest words,
For I shall measure the love you lay;
I shall speak out to this restless world,
Our love forever shall linger and stay;

Let me hear the most priceless words,
From where it springs of your tender lips;
A love like this forever girds,
Between you and me of our entwined lips;

Your love is unmeasured deeply forth,
Of a time that surpasses love's red crystal waters;
A proof that has relished of its worth,
Burned flaming forth love's fiery embers;

A bellow I shall make to a distant land,
If one could hear my ever loving heart;
It beats for a love vested by the heavens on hand,
And bids it forever, never will depart;

Our love lingers in the fathom of our souls,
It shall flow through the aura of truthfulness;
A heart confides a splendid love that falls,
Into the ocean of love's majestic tenderness;

Into the deep red of love's majesty,
I shall swim into sweet passion;
Of the waves that splash into eternity,
By love's flow of its deepest ocean.


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  • 1 week ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Beautifully written romantic piece. Loved it from beginning to end and would have nominated it had I any nominations left. Really a wonderful piece. Milly x

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