A Pace of a Born Love

by Sherry Caayupan   Nov 17, 2021

In this world will one take the pace,
Of diverse realms to a soulful success;
Of a different kind of taking of love's face,
Love shall be complete, love full of wholeness;

A frolicking into the night's stillness,
One searches for the most enticing light;
Of a love full of passion and tenderness,
One sees the brightness of the majestic night;

A taste of a better love,
Where one finds the utmost peace;
Is a gift sent from up above,
One's soul loves undyingly of an endless tease;

A verging into a love new,
Gives forth a love so undyingly seeked for;
For one's presence shall suffice the woo,
Two souls dance on the promised dancefloor;

A complete love walks through one's thoughts,
It remained moved by the other's sweet words;
Of what more love could have bought and brought,
Love flies as high as the free bird;

A love now in constance paves the way,
Of a long and endless road of love;
Love shines in a blessed day,
Forever pours forth from the heavens above.


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