Stranded Once Again

by Gwenyth Hill   Sep 30, 2017

You trust that they won't let you down
But then they do
And it makes you wear a sombre frown
Because you believed in them to be true

Your faith in them begins to fade
As you can't help but feel
As though they have bade
A farewell to you

As if they don't care how much it hurts
To see them in such disarray
As if it doesn't make you mad
That it had to be this way

And as the disappointment sets in
And the shock and pain appear
You can't help but bare and grin
And act as though they were never here

Because you don't want to remember
The pain that came
each time they broke their promises
And left you stranded again


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  • 9 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Awww...I love this very much, Gwen! I hope you posted this later so I can nominate. Lovely rhyming, it flowed out so well.

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