One Stupid Mistake

by Gwenyth Hill   Jul 20, 2019

One stupid mistake
Can end it all
One single screw up
And you watch her fall

Away from you
And into the abyss
And you can’t get her back
No matter how hard you miss

The way she smiled at you
Like you were the only one in the room

The way she embraced you so incredibly tightly
As if it wasn’t possible to let go; not even slightly

The way her eyes lit up when she caught yours
Like you were perfect; without any flaws

And the minute she’s gone
You want her back
But you can’t have her
The only thing left is a crack

Where she once stood
Now she’s vanished
No longer around and your heart
Along with her was banished


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  • 3 years ago

    by Everlasting

    It only takes one mistakes... it’s sad. Perhaps, there’s nothing that can be done to remedy the situation but learning from that mistake may help in the future. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing.

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