The Remaining Door

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Oct 10, 2017

Hassling you, it may seem but I just talk in the name of friendship
but trying to say your deep name so I can clinch your smile, almost heart dropped-dip
but your words of warning I took for granted,
this game we had I thought, wishing our friendship would have outlasted.

So now your presence is somewhere else I cannot see,
I raise your heart as much as I can so our love has a chance to be.
but, your vision has seen another direction so now your path is elsewhere
your plan, I thought to myself, so I shook my head in despair

I tried my best to keep holding onto your smile
but you had another number so I could' nt call your dial.
so may your career remain in that castle town of rain.
was what I had of love now turned around into the loss of you called pain.


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