Your Voice.

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Oct 15, 2017

I got to hear your voice tonight
For the first in quite some time.
My lonely heart aches for you
And your warming smile.

Couldn't talk for very long
But just when i wasnt feeling strong
I got to hear your voice
And i got a push along.

It helped me overcome my struggle
At least for those few moments
We laughed instead of cried
Your heart was full and open.

It sends chills down my spine
When i hear your voice.
Not in a bad way though, at all
Im suddenly all smiles, overjoyed.

I love when you write me letters,
Send them through the mail
Drawing me little pictures
Letting me know you care

It may not mean anything
To alot of family and friends
To me its the little things
That help you with no end

Your voice is still my favorite
Especially when your talking to me
You didnt have to say much
For me to fall instantly..


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